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A crisis is defined as, “A disruption or breakdown in a person’s or family’s normal or usual pattern of functioning.

A crisis cannot be resolved by a person’s customary problem-solving resources/ skills.” A family crisis is a situation that upsets the normal functioning of the family and requires a new set of responses to the stressor. There are a variety of resources available to a family in crisis, such as family crisis centers. Each family crisis center will provide distinct supportive services, which can make the search and selection process difficult. When looking for a family crisis center that best fits the needs of your family consider the following suggestions:

  • Speak to your PCP (primary care provider): many PCPs will be able to point you in the right direction to help you locate a reputable family crisis center. 
  • Word of mouth recommendations: if you feel comfortable delving into your network of trusted family and friends, ask if anyone can recommend a family crisis center.
  • Look online: conducting an Internet search can help you find a family crisis center near you. There are also websites available that offer in an online compilation of reputable family crisis centers (e.g., Family Centers, The Hotline, etc.).
  • Hospitals and mental health clinics: can be great resources to help a family in need identify a family crisis center.

The progression of how a family crisis works its way through a family unit will be different in each family unit. Family crisis centers typically include a network of counseling, support, and trauma response services in assisting families in crisis work towards a successful resolution. The array of services offered in family crisis centers can help a family work through and overcome the family crisis, identify areas that may be impacting the family’s ability to implement crisis-mitigation strategies, and maintain a level of stability that keeps them out of the crisis, which in turn, improves the overall health of a family unit and each individual member, respectively.

Further Information and Support

Navigating the challenges that arise from living with mental illness, struggling with substance abuse, and/ or addiction can not only be all-consuming but are often impossible to effectively handle without proper support. If you are concerned for yourself or a loved one regarding mental illness, substance abuse, and/ or addiction we recommend reaching out for help as soon as possible. Bear in mind that you do not have to be on this journey alone. At {Upwell Advisors}, we offer unique, customized concierge therapeutic services to provide our clients with unparalleled support throughout every step of the recovery process. 

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