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While the celebratory days honoring individual parents (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day) days were first officially celebrated in the early 1900s, National Parents’ Day was not recognized until much later in the 20th century. In 1994, President Bill Clinton established the holiday by signing the Congressional Resolution that approved National Parents’ Day by law. Republican Senator Trent Lott introduced the law, with the aim of “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in bringing up their children.” After which the fourth Sunday of July was deemed its perennial day of commemoration. It is a national observance, but it is not a public holiday in the United States. The purpose of National Parents’ Day is to “promote responsible parenting and encourage positive reinforcement by parents for children. It goes the other way as well, as the day also celebrates the sacrifices of parents and the unparalleled bond of love between parents and their children.” This year, National Parents’ Day falls on July 24, 2022.

Americans use this day to recognize outstanding parents, celebrate the teamwork in raising children, and support the role of parental guidance in building a strong, stable society. Citizens, organizations, and federal, state, and local governmental and legislative entities are encouraged to recognize Parents’ Day through proclamations, activities, and educational efforts. Local Parents’ Day Committees are made up of volunteers, public officials, community leaders, educators, students, and parents, who organize events to honor parents. The Parents’ Day Council also plays an active role in celebrating and promoting Parents’ Day through a range of events and activities.  At the national level, the Universal Peace Federation sponsors an award ceremony, inviting and hosting state nominees to a Parents of the Year Banquet in Washington, D.C. with members of Congress and other dignitaries. National Parents of the Year awards are given to parents who exemplify “parental love, service, and dedication to their family and to the broader family of their local community.”

Akin to Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day, Parents’ Day is a time to celebrate and honor our parents. Appreciation is expressed through gifting cards, presents, flowers, cakes and more to those who play an important role as a positive parental figure in our lives. It is also a time for families to spend time enjoying each other’s company by sharing a meal and coming together for lunches or dinners. A recent addition to the annual traditions for National Parents’ Day is the hosting of rallies and proclamations, which involve organizations like the United Civil Rights Councils of America

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