upwell health advisors

Premier Experts in the Mental Health, Addiction and Wellness Spaces for All Stages of Growth and Recovery, in a Private One on One Environment

upwell health advisors

Premier Experts in the Mental Health, Addiction and Wellness Spaces for All Stages of Growth and Recovery, in a Private One on One Environment

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Who We Treat

• We work with bright, successful problem solvers who are psychologically curious, such as CEO’s, athletes, entertainers and entrepreneurs, and other creative leaders as well as gifted students.

• Successful Upwell clients are typically individuals who can’t currently engage in group based treatment for a variety of different reasons, or need uncompromising privacy throughout their treatment in order to achieve their goals.

What We Treat

• Complex situations requiring expert, specialized assessment, analysis and advice. Our recommendations frequently include treating a person’s significant relationships as well as helping them to access their own unique capacities to improve their overall functioning and wellbeing.

• Acute and chronic problems such as active addictions, eating disorders, mood and thought disorders, requiring strategic and effective care, customized to each person and their life’s circumstances.

• Treatment resistance is incredibly complicated to treat and requires committed and talented providers. At Upwell, we specialize in treating treatment resistance – in large part because we believe and know that, treating the resistance IS the treatment.

Our Process

• Our services begin with Assessment and Organization that varies in length from one to three weeks depending on the severity and complexity of symptoms and if there is need for stabilization.

• We support and help our client choose each one of their recommended providers, which encourages and enhances each person’s experience of authority and agency within their own chosen treatment team, and allows for the greatest sense of collaboration and success as a result.

• Our team of providers and clients all have ongoing connection through proprietary state of the art technology to optimize the process, experience and outcome for everyone involved.

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Assessment and Organization

mental health experts

Weekly schedule of services based on needs and time

State of the art technology

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Our Team

• We have the most professionally vetted, supported and interconnected team of doctors, clinicians, crisis managers and coaches.

• We’re completely comprehensive in our care and private in our approach, with each client having their own Team Advisor, a talented clinical manager, to coordinate their care at every step of the way, and ongoing access to the Therapy Concierge Desk, allows clients to get what they need at any time.

• We’re proud to be a dedicated team of collaborative, multi-disciplinary experts who work strategically and in real time to help Upwell clients reach their goals. We believe shared success is the most wonderful kind of success.

And, we’d love to hear from you!

Meet Some Team Members

If you want more immediate assistance live, do not hesitate to contact the Therapy Concierge Desk at: [email protected].

How Can Upwell Help You?

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Concerned Family Member

At Upwell, we understand the fear and heartache and sleepless nights you have been having in response to your teenager’s distress.

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Inquiring Individual

We get it. It’s hard to get help.

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Referring Mental Health Professional

Referring Professional

Upwell is very committed to collaborating with each professional in the most effective ways possible.

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Elizabeth McGuire
Founder and CEO